Construction Site Access and Safety Notice

Starting Monday July 25th Marco will commence work on the new Quinlan Brothers Processing Facility. With the start of work, this entire site will be considered a construction zone and fall under the local Occupation Health and Regulation (OH&S) rules and guidelines.

To ensure the safety of all, only persons working on the project will be granted access to the Site by the Site Superintendent, Shawn Byrne, unless pre-arranged with Quinlan Brothers in advance.

All persons entering the Site, regardless of working or visiting, will be required to
(i) Receive proper Site Orientation
(ii) have all the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) the site demands – typical, but not limited to, safety boots, safety vest, hard hats and safety glasses.

Marco reserves the right to remove any person from the job site at any time.

Questions or requests for site access from Quinlan Brothers may be directed to the QBL Production Office at 587-2520.

Thank you for your cooperation.