click here raw-leg-cutting-tableFrom harvesting to processing, Quinlan Brothers focus is on advancing quality and consistency through the incorporation of advanced technologies and innovative thinking. Our structured R&D program and continual improvement approach requires investment in our people, plants, equipment and vessels every year.

Our Fleet Vessels:

  • The Sunwell Deep Chill Slurry Ice System was installed on board the MV OSC Mariner in 2010. It is the first in the Newfoundland inshore fishery to feature this system for rapid temperature reduction, chilling the product to -1ᵒC within minutes
  • Other vessels in our fleet feature Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) chill storage capacity and Frozen at Sea (FaS) capabilities for Monkfish and Greenland Halibut.

crab-plantSnow Crab Plant

  • Our Bay de Verde plant is the largest Snow Crab processing facility worldwide and features a separate state-of-the-art Pilot Production Facility for the conceptual testing and proving of new crab processing technologies
  • A custom designed Raw Leg Cutting Table was introduced in 2013, providing a consistent and accurate cut ensuring maximum meat yield with zero defects
  • Features a Rapid Chill Brine Tank locking in freshness and moisture

Shrimp Plant Our Shrimp Plant is highly automated and features several advanced technologies inlcuding:

  • An Optical Sorting Machine for automated defect removal, ensuring maximum quality
  • The Automated Brine System provides real time monitoring of the Brine Solution for optimum temperature and consistency
  • A Style International Grading Machine providing the best uniformity ratios by size
  • A newly installed Force Convention Laitram Cooker providing consistency and uniformity in the cooked product and preventing overcooking

 groundfish-and-pelagics-plantGroundfish & Pelagics Plant

  • Features an automatic sorting and weighing line
  • Designed as a multi-species processing facility, with high freezing capability to maximize quality and freshness