July 13 Rebuild Update

It has been three months since a fire totally destroyed the Quinlan Brothers Ltd seafood processing plant in Bay de Verde. During this period the company has worked with snow crab producers throughout the province to ensure that fish harvesters were serviced as normal. In addition, Independent Fish Harvesters Inc at Brigus and Green Seafoods Limited of Winterton, have accommodated Quinlan Brothers employees to provide ongoing employment to practically all displaced production workers at Bay de Verde. While the incomes of workers have been affected by that loss of the plant, they will have been provided employment to levels that will qualify them for EI benefits. Government officials remain in regular communication with the Company to monitor employment levels of those affected.

Quinlan Brothers Ltd continues to focus on the rebuilding of the Bay de Verde Plant. Site remediation was completed in May. In addition, geotechnical surveys and in-ground infrastructure assessments are complete. The Company has been working with Marco Group, the selected builders of the new facility, and an extensive engineering and design team to prepare for the commencement of onsite construction. The Company has ordered the building, and foundations and site work are expected to commence in the coming days. The Company plans to have a new snow crab processing facility ready for production by Spring of 2017.

Quinlan Brothers Ltd would like to thank all of its suppliers, employees, and other processing companies for their support and cooperation during these past months. All levels of Government have actively assisted the Company to manage through our challenges. We are particularly thankful for the support of Federal Regional Minister Judy Foote, Provincial Minister Steve Crocker, and officials of DFO and ACOA. We remain confident that with continued commitment and support we can fully recover from the loss.