Snow Crab

Canadian Snow Crab

Chionoecetes opilio




Raw Legs33 lb packsSize: 4-8 oz, 8oz+
Brine Frozen Cooked Sections30 lb and 22 lb packsSize: 4oz+, 5-8oz, 8-10oz. 10oz+
Claw and Legs2 lb retail pack
Cocktail Claws (Capped)1 lb retail pack
Cooked Parts33 lb pack Seize: 4-8oz, 8oz+

Sweet, succulent, wild caught Canadian Snow Crab. Harvested from the cold pristine waters of the North Atlantic in an MSC Certified Fishery, and processed in our BRC/HACCP certified facility located on the ocean’s edge in Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. Our close proximity to the resource means more of our product can be landed directly at the wharf, shortening processing times and improving quality.

Quinlan Brothers was the first to produce frozen brine crab sections for export to the US market in 1992, now the mainstay of the crab sector in Newfoundland. Since then we have grown to be the largest processor of Canadian Snow Crab globally, processing almost five thousand tonnes of finished product annually. Our product offering has grown to include claws and legs, capped cocktail claws, and most recently, raw legs to meet the high-end market needs of our customers.