Groundfish and Pelagics

Ground Fish and Pelagics


Turbot Land & Sea Frozen H&G
Turbot Land & Sea Frozen HoG
Turbot Land & Sea Frozen Heads & Tails
Size: 0.5-1kg, 1-2kg, 2-3kg, 3-5kg, 5kg+
Size: <1000kg
Monkfish Land Frozen Whole
Monkfish Sea Frozen Whole
Monkfish Tails
20 kg
16 kg
10 kg
Size: 1-9 fish per box

Size: <0.5kg, 0.5-1kg, 1-2kg, 2kg+
Capelin Frozen Whole Round Female
Capelin Frozen Whole Round Male
4.5 kg x 2
15 kg x 1
Size: 41-45kg, 46-50kg, 51-55kg, 56-60kg, 61-65kg, 66-70kg, 71-75kg, 75kg+
Mackerel, Frozen Whole Round15 kgSize: 200-400g, 300-500g, 400-600g, 600g+
Cod IQF Fillets
Cod Block or Mince
Cod Bits & Pieces Retail
10 lb
16.5 lb
400 g x 34
Size: 4-8oz, 8-12oz, 12-16oz, 16-32oz, 32oz+
Other Species: Hagfish, Redfish, Squid, Lumpfish Roe

We process over ten different species of Ground Fish and Pelagics from our plant nestled along the shore of the North Atlantic in the town of Old Perlican, Trinity Bay- one of the oldest fishing communities in Newfoundland. Our raw material is harvested from nearby fishing grounds in partnership with local fisherman, ensuring the freshest product possible.