Cold Water Shrimp

Cold Water Shrimp

Pandalus Borealis



Cooked & Peeled IQF Shrimp

Packed 2 x 10lbSize (ct/lb)100 - 200125 - 175
4 x 5lb200 - 300150 - 250
Custom Pack 2 x 5kg300 - 500250 - 350
& Size Grading 4 x 2.5kg 500 - 800500+/800+
Available12 x 12oz

Juicy and bursting with flavour, our MSC Certified Cold Water cooked and peeled shrimp are like candy from the sea. Wild caught in the cold pristine waters of the North Atlantic, by our company owned fleet and in partnership with local fisherman, almost 80% of our product can be landed directly at the wharf of our processing facility, located on the ocean’s edge in Bay de Verde, Newfoundland.

Our state of-the-art HACCP certified plant offers several unique advantages to ensure the freshness, integrity and consistency of our product such as a Force Convention Laitram Cooker, an Automated Brine Control System, a Style International Grading Machine and an Optical Sorting Machine for automatic defect removal. Within our fleet, the MV OSC Mariner is the first in the Newfoundland inshore fishery to feature the Sunwell Deep Chill Ice Slurry System, providing the highest grade shrimp product available.

With almost sixty years of experience, we can ensure the quality of the products we produce. But don’t just take our word for it. The Quinlan Brothers shrimp facility has been certified at an ‘A’ rating (the highest grade awarded) by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for the fourth year in a row, and is Marks & Spencer, Lyons, Anchor Shellfish and Sainsbury approved.