We take pride in creating exceptional products for our customers.


To be a major player in the global fishing industry, we have to be committed to Quality, not only with our products, but in our relationships with our customers, our harvesters and our employees. All our seafood products are wild caught, harvested from the cold pristine waters of the North Atlantic and processed at our QMP/HACCP certified facilities located on the ocean’s edge in the communities of Old Perlican and Bay de Verde Newfoundland.

Our close proximity to the resource means more of our product can be landed directly at the wharf, minimizing catch-to- processing times and improving quality. From harvest to processing, Quinlan Brothers maintains quality standards through the incorporation of advanced technologies and innovative thinking. An integral part of our quality control program is traceability – knowing where our product is and where it came from. Not only can we tell you where and when our seafood was processed, we can tell you where and when it was caught and who Captained the vessel. We’re committed to our product, from the time it’s harvested until it’s received by our customers, not just when it’s at our plant.

Our Cold Water Shrimp Processing has been given an ‘A’ rating by the British Retail Consortium, the highest grade possible, for the fourth year in a row. In 2013 our Snow Crab Facility also received BRC Certification. Other Quality Approvals include:

  • Marks & Spencer
  • Lyons
  • Anchor Shellfish
  • Sainsbury



British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is an internationally recognized food safety and quality systems certification program. The principal requirements of the standard are the adoption and implementation of a HACCP system, a documented and effective Quality Management System and a control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel.


Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Eco-Friendly Fishery

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is the world’s leading certification and eco-labeling program for sustainable seafood. Two of Newfoundland’s largest fisheries by value and volume have now received MSC Certification for sustainable fishing practices: Canadian Northern Prawn and Newfoundland & Labrador Snow Crab. The Quinlan Brothers Shrimp and Crab processing facilities have each received the MSC Chain of Custody Standard Certification.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Besides our export buyer certifications, our products and facilities are inspected annually by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The CFIA is a federal government organization with the responsibility of mitigating risks to food safety, not just in Canada, but for all export s. Almost 90 per cent of the fish and seafood products produced in Canada are exported to foreign countries.