A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.

Our Story

©David Howells 2012www.davehowellsphoto.com*******FOR RDC USE ONLY*******Founded in 1954 by brothers Patrick and Maurice Quinlan, Quinlan Brothers Ltd. is now a third generation family owned and operated business. We’ve evolved from a traditional local fish processing operation, to a multi-species player in the global fishing industry, exporting our quality products to over twenty countries worldwide.

Our success is based on building strong relationships with the people who catch our products, those who process them, and with the people who buy them. We are the link between land & sea, bridging the gap for almost sixty years.

Our plants are nestled between the Eastern edge of North America and the North Atlantic Ocean in the communities of Bay de Verde and Old Perlican, Newfoundland- where people have fished since the 1600’s. Our 80,000sq ft HACCP certified Shellfish processing facility is in close proximity to the resource, enabling almost 80% of our fleet to land their catch directly at the wharf. Nearby, our Pelagic and Ground Fish plant has been designed as a multi-species facility, processing more than ten different species of seafood.

Our commitment to quality, our fleet of company owned vessels, our strong relationships and our focus on innovation have all contributed to our worldwide success.

Our Commitment

Our first commitment is to our customers. We ensure they receive the highest quality products. We also understand that our customers rely on us to deliver these products to regions all over the world, including North America, Europe, Asia and Scandinavia. That’s why we have efficient and reliable shipping processes to exceed product and supply expectations.